Sour Banana Cannabis Strain, Benefits, & Effects [Full Review]

The Sour Banana strain is a well-balanced hybrid popular among medical marijuana patients for a variety of reasons. It gives the consumer an appealing high which calms them and improves mood. It has a delectable flavor that consumers rave about.

The Sour Banana high hits you almost immediately after you consume it, lifting your mood and infusing you with attention and creative energy. You’ll feel happy and excited to get outside and do some exercise, but social situations may cause you to worry.

Sour Banana Strain Information

It’s a well-balanced blend of Banana Sherbet and the Sour Diesel. Its effects come on swiftly and start with a sensation of pleasure. If you’re feeling down, Sour Banana strain can help elevate your spirits and clear your mind of any bad ideas.

You may notice that the body and mental “high” grows more noticeable after a few hours. At this point, the high has made its way to your body and is assisting you in relaxing. This is why it is a sought-after strain among people looking to unwind after a long day. But even though the SourBanana strain is relaxing, it does not cause sedation. As a result, you can have it during the daytime if you drink a reasonable amount.


The flavor of this strain is comparable to a banana milkshake by some. Along with the clear banana flavor, you can also taste creaminess. The aftertaste is also appealingly delicious. But you can feel the taste of diesel and petrol in this strain which is why this strain has a unique flavor.


The Sour Banana strain has a delicious sweet and also a sour aroma that prepares you for the flavor. Though it is a potent-smelling strain, you may find undertones of fuel. If you’re looking to hide your smoking, this strain is not for you.


This strain has olive green nugs. You will also notice its sparkling trichomes, and rust-colored pistils, Sour Banana strain is a beautiful strain. Its look is even enhanced with purple speckles.

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Effects Of Sour Banana Strain

Depending on how the body reacts to this strain, the consequences may differ. Some people find the strain advantageous, while others believe it to be detrimental. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to tell how it affects you. This will give you the opportunity to alter the dose to get the greatest outcomes possible.


If you suffer from depression or stress, Sour Banana Sherbet is a good option to try. It has the ability to immediately improve your mood, and the pleasant high is something you’ll look forward to at the end of a long day. It’s becoming more popular among MMJ patients suffering from PTSD or other anxiety problems.

The strain is also useful for relieving stress and preventing headaches. It’s a great strain for boosting appetite and preventing weight loss in unwell people. If you’re feeling under the weather, this strain will help you feel better by boosting your energy levels.

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This makes it a great choice for individuals who are looking to relax with clear-headed energy. It’ll give you the high that you’re looking for while enhancing your mood and providing mental clarity as well as creativity.

This strain has a high THC level, making it great for folks who want to get a lot done during the day. It can also aid in the relaxation process after a long and stressful day. It’s also a fantastic strain for getting creative. It’s great for social situations because it makes you feel more vivacious and communicative.

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Dry mouth is one of the most likely side effects. This can be solved by drinking more water. There is also the green-out effect on rare occasions. This is usually induced by drinking too much Sour Banana Sherbet and causes nausea and dizziness.

Your eyelids may look droopy, and it’s difficult for you to focus on moving objects. Some people also experience dry eyes after smoking Sour Banana Sherbet. If this is becoming too bothersome, consider using eye drops or contact lenses.

As with all weed types, the worst side effect is the risk of anxiety attacks. If you feel more anxious than usual, adjust your dosage. Try to find a strain that causes the least anxiety so you don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re high.

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Sour Banana Strain Grow Information

While you can grow your Sour Banana strain outside, it is preferable to grow this strain indoors. This breed has a sturdy frame, indicating that it is fairly hardy. In frigid regions, though, it struggles. Growers have told us about losing their outside produce due to heavy rainfall.

Sour Banana strain is usually ready to harvest by mid-October if you choose to grow it outside. Each plant has the potential to provide about 21 ounces of bud.

Growing strains indoors is a better choice for most people. They have complete control over the lighting and nutrition. It’s also a lot less difficult to keep pests far. Because sour banana strain can become rather tall, it’s best to finish it off as quickly as possible. The method not only makes your plants small but also aids in the blooming process. Consider employing the methods of SOG or the SCROG ways of growth.

It’s advisable to use organic soil if you’re new to growing this strain. To increase yield, some experienced growers often turn to the use of a hydroponics setup. This is a method that ensures that nutrients will reach the plant’s roots directly. The sour Banana strain takes 8 to 9 weeks to blossom if it is grown indoors. It can provide up to 18 ounces for every square meter when planted.

THC Content

Sour Banana strain is a powerful strain with THC levels ranging from 18 – 24 percent. It has a THC concentration of around 21% on average.

CBD Content

The CBD concentration in this strain is often less than 0.5 percent.

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The Takeaway

Depending on the user, the Sour Banana strain produces a mixed effect. It is recognized to have uplifting and calming properties, making it ideal for relaxed occasions. It is not recommended for use during the day because it can produce sleepiness.

It may pose different effects on people. This is why getting as much information is important for you to know what to expect from the strain. Starting at the lowest dose is better as it will allow you to adjust to dose according to your desired effects.

If you are a new user of the strain, start with the lowest dose. This is to help you avoid the adverse effects of this strain.

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