Where to Buy CBD Oil in New York?

It’s early 2020 and CBD oil is as popular as ever. Thanks to some nation-wide federal legislature, we can all legally obtain and use cannabidiol products, though details still vary from state to state. So, let’s just say you happen to live in the Big Apple. As a user, you might want to know where to buy CBD oil in New York, online or otherwise. And we’re here to help you.

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The Legality of CBD Oil in NYC

Knowing where to buy CBD oil in New York is far from the first step. To put it simply, you can’t buy or use any hemp or cannabis-related products without getting to know the local laws first.

Very broadly speaking, CBD is legal in New York City thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. In addition, Governor Cuomo signed a legislative act that classifies hemp as an agricultural commodity. In other words, you can legally own or use anything that contains CBD.

Of course, there are some caveats to these laws. The most important one is knowing the source of the CBD. If we want to get our hands on some hemp-derived CBD oil in New York, we won’t have any trouble with the law. Or rather, we won’t as long as the THC level in the supplement doesn’t go over 0.3%. It’s a whole different story when it comes to CBD derived from marijuana.

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Getting Marijuana-Based CBD Oil in NYC

In order to use weed-based CBD oil, you need a medical card and proof of residency in New York. Even in early 2020, recreational marijuana (and marijuana-derived CBD products) use is not fully decriminalized. If the law enforcement catches you smoking pot out in the open, you can get a $100 fine. In addition, the more often they catch you, the higher the penalty grows and you can even face two-week jail time.

Now, even if you have a medical card and a proof of identity, you still can’t get the CBD oil easily. In fact, you first need to find a doctor who’s open to the idea of cannabis therapy.

Getting Hemp-Based CBD Oil in NYC

Unlike marijuana, hemp is not illegal. Rather, it’s already used in many different industries (as rope, textiles, beauty products and so on). With that in mind, hemp-based CBD oil should be easy to find. However, despite 2020 rolling in, there are still issues; with the market being so cluttered, there are lots of frauds out there. More importantly, quality control is still “struggling” in this budding industry.

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Getting the CBD Oil in New York

Buying CBD Oil in Brick and Mortar Stores

Thanks to the decriminalization of cannabidiol products, the CBD business is booming more than ever. Every month you get a new dispensary selling high-quality, pure CBD oils and tinctures. But their competition is growing. Regular grocery stores, farmers’ markets, head, and vape shops, and organic food stores have all started selling natural hemp-based foods, drinks, and supplements.

However, getting to the best store is a bit of a chore. Lots of shops have been selling low-quality merchandise with plenty of issues. And considering people like us need CBD for health conditions, we can’t buy second-best. In short, a poorly handled CBD product can harm us. That’s why it’s the best idea to either ask around for a good store or to order online.

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Buying CBD Oil in Online Shops

Shopping from the comfort of their own home (or from anywhere in New York, really) is what most CBD users prefer nowadays. With that in mind, one of the best places to buy CBD oil in New York is the webpage of the manufacturer. There are a few advantages to buying directly from someone who makes CBD oil. One of those is knowing the full data on the product. For instance, if we get CBD oil from a manufacturer, they will give us the full specification of the product. In addition, we also get to see third-party test results so we can check how pure their CBD oil is. Another neat feature is that lots of manufacturers like to offer customer discounts at certain times of the year.

However, the majority of CBD oil shoppers simply order from an online dispensary. These web stores tend to offer a wide variety of products with different dosages, potencies, and even flavors. In addition, they offer quick delivery and, if you’re not satisfied, full refunds. All a Newyorker has to do is place an order on a website or a CBD-related app. Within hours, the CBD oil package will arrive at their doorstep.

Knowing how and where to buy CBD oil in New York is important, especially if you have a health condition which the oil can help you with. However, always remember to verify the brand, as well as the dispensary that sells it. Frauds and scammers are a dime a dozen since CBD sales is a new, booming market.

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