Where to Buy Weed in California in 2022

Since Proposition 64 passed in 2016, Californians worked hard to decriminalize the recreational use of cannabis. A little over a year later, in January 2018, it was finally legal to smoke weed at your leisure in the Golden State. Now it’s February 2020 and adult residents can readily enjoy weed. But you still need to know where to buy weed in California if you’re a regular user who plans on visiting.

Who Can Smoke Weed in Good Old Cali?

The legal age to smoke pot is the same as the legal drinking age, i.e., 21 or older. The same goes for pot possession, selling, buying, and growing. In order to get your hands on some recreational cannabis from a dispensary, you need to show some legal ID. A driver’s license or a passport will also do.

However, that’s recreational marijuana. If you need cannabis for medical purposes, you need a special card and you can’t be younger than 18.

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Knowing Where to Buy Weed In California Today


Thanks to the decriminalization of the substance, more than a few weed dispensaries started appearing across the state. Some of the major centers of weed trade are in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. You can locate any of them using dispensary-locating software and apps. In addition, websites like Weedmaps offer a handy way of locating a nearby establishment.

You’ll probably recognize a dispensary easily. When people know where to buy weed in California, they tend to flock there. A huge line in front of a weed-selling store is not a recent phenomenon, so we suggest that you be patient while waiting. When you enter the store, make sure to tell the shopkeeper precisely what you’re looking for. More importantly, don’t act immaturely while in the store. Lots of people take selfies or do TikTok videos inside dispensaries. Always remember that, despite selling recreational weed, these shops are still medical in nature. Some people came there to buy weed for an actual physical condition, so be a bit discrete.

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Ordering Online and Getting the Weed Delivered

Sometimes the where in where to buy weed in California has a dot com attached to it. Nowadays, you can order anything online and have it shipped to your doorstep, from food to toiletries. Naturally, as a booming business, weed trade has its own set of websites and delivery service apps for your convenience.

As Californians, we can use apps like Eaze to get our daily dose of pot. All we have to do is create a user profile and upload a clear image of a valid ID. Everything after that works like any other delivery service. Interestingly, even some established dispensaries have an app-based delivery service. Normally, you can peruse their daily online menu and pick out what you need. Within a matter of hours, they’ll deliver the goods to you.

Types of Weed Products We Can Order

Now that we know where to buy weed in California, let’s focus on the wealth of different products we can consume.

First off, there’s the weed flower itself, a.k.a. the dried buds of marijuana. People usually get these buds to smoke in pipes, bongs, or good, old-fashioned joints. Each strain normally has an interesting little name attached to it, kind of like cocktails do in high-end social establishments.

Next, there are edibles. In the past decade, cannabis-infused food and drinks have become extremely popular. Everyone has heard of pot brownies, but the market has since expanded to include multiple food products. Right now, you can order pot gummies, lollipops, taffy, hard candy, chocolate-coated fruit, cookies, etc. In terms of drinks, people in California can enjoy weed-infused tea, coffee, sodas, and hot chocolate. One thing that separates these products from raw cannabis buds is that they don’t take effect immediately. You’ll need to wait a couple of hours before you start to feel high.

Then we have the so-called cannabis concentrates. These are weed extracts (usually in the form of oil, wax, of kief) that you can use to top off a joint or a different product. However, they are best consumed as vaping extracts. They happen to pack more of a punch than anything else on this list.

Finally, you have different cannabis and CBD applications such as balms, oils, and tinctures. Normally, you’d only use them as health supplements for specific medical conditions.

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Smoking Weed in California

Despite knowing where to buy weed in California AND knowing that it’s legal to own it, you still can’t just start smoking it anywhere. There are specific public areas in major Californian cities where you can toke up in the open, but they are still few in number. If the law enforcement catches you smoking weed in public, you can get a ticket and will have to pay a $70 fine. That’s not much compared to other low-priority transgressions, but it’s still $70 you could’ve used to buy more weed.

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