How to Find Weed Anywhere

Marijuana is still a hot topic of debate, even in early 2020. Countries around the world have different laws in place when it comes to cannabis, so it can be hard to consume it legally, even if you need it for a health condition. However, the internet is a powerful tool that can help anyone find what they need. With that in mind, we’re going to cover how to find weed anywhere around the world. Moreover, we’ll discuss finding reliable dealers and how to go about ordering weed online.

Recreational vs. Medicinal Cannabis

Before we move onto how to buy weed anywhere, we should define our terms first. Weed comes from the cannabis plant, whose cultivation is still illegal in over 100 countries worldwide. Of course, with recent studies, cannabis has been slowly becoming more and more accessible.

But you can’t just outright buy weed and use it like any other product. In other words, recreational weed, i.e., the weed that you can smoke at your leisure, is still largely illegal. However, that’s not the case with marijuana used for medicinal purposes. In roughly 60 countries worldwide, you can use weed as a health supplement for various conditions. We should point out that 33 of those “countries” are really individual states within the USA. And while these countries (and these states) allow legal medicinal use of weed, there are rules you have to follow. For instance, in the U.S., you’ll need a medical marijuana card. In other countries, you might not have the right to medicinal weed until you turn 21.

Now, let’s quickly go over the places around the world where you can find and smoke weed legally.

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Medicinal Cannabis Use Around the World

Finding legal medicinal marijuana around the world can be difficult. Some countries in Europe, such as North Macedonia, Spain, Romania, Czechia, and the Netherlands, all allow medicinal weed use. However, you still can’t use it recreationally.

In reality, there are only two countries in the world that allow both medicinal and recreational use of weed. Those two are Canada and Uruguay. In addition to using it, you can also own a legal marijuana dispensary.

Medicinal Cannabis Use in the USA

Out of the 50 states in the U.S., 30 of them (including Washington D.C.) have legalized medicinal use of weed. In fact, even the remaining 20 are debating the issue to this day, and there’s a good chance they might follow suit.

However, despite the legal status of marijuana in most of the U.S., you still can’t just go out and buy it at a local supermarket. Lawmakers still impose specific limitations and restrictions on cannabis farmers and weed manufacturers. For example, we can’t produce more cannabis than our prescribed amount. In addition, we should think about the legally allowed level of THC in each batch, as well as who can (or can’t) apply for a medicinal marijuana card.

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How to Find Weed Anywhere — Locating a Dealer

There are many different ways of spotting a decent weed dealer. Let’s list a few:

  • Visit cafés and bars and ask around for local dealers; focus on bars that allow indoor smoking
  • Hang around parks, clubs, and beaches, and if you spot a loitering person with a backpack, they’re probably your dealer
  • Visit a college campus and chit-chat with the students there
  • Go to a concert or a public show and ask around
  • Join a chatroom for weed enthusiasts specific for the town or city you’re in
  • Search online for local dealer listings

Scammers (and How to Avoid Them)

Of course, like with any other business, online or not, when shopping for weed, you will eventually run into scammers. Some of them will claim to ship weed internationally using regular mail. Avoid these sellers at all costs, as they are usually fronts for scamming people out of their money. The same goes if you spot a “local ad” for selling weed. Interestingly, if you were to access the Deep Web, you would find an equal amount of both frauds and legitimate salespeople. However, because of the nature of the Deep Web, we suggest that you tread lightly.

Another way of spotting a scam is if an online seller is looking for payment upfront. Never, under any circumstances, pay anything to a stranger online until you actually see the product with your own eyes.

Finally, we should discuss potential scammer dealers. You will have lots of people who try to peddle weed in a city. However, the best way to know which ones are legitimate is to get user feedback. Ask around, and if enough people recommend one person, that person is your handler.

Is Selling Weed on Craigslist a Scam?

The short answer is no; anyone can legally sell cannabis on Craigslist. However, there’s a caveat there. Unless you live in a state which allows medicinal or recreational cannabis use, it’s not a good idea to buy or sell weed from this website. 

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