Where to Find Weed in Washington D.C. in 2022

Cannabis and its derivative products are legal in the capital of the USA. Right now, we can own, buy, sell, and use recreational weed anywhere in Washington DC. But getting it is a different matter altogether. Knowing where to find weed in DC is a bit of a task. So, we’re here to learn about it together.

The Legality of Weed in the District of Columbia

If you decide to move to the capital and get high there, the “where to find weed in DC” question is secondary. First, you need to know how the local law regarding pot consumption works. With that in mind, we turn to the so-called Initiative 71.

Also known as I71, this ballot-vote initiative was passed in late 2014. It allows, in no unequivocal terms, the recreational use of cannabis in Washington DC. However, there’s a catch. Right now, there are no legal dispensaries of weed in the capital due to an additional rider to the federal spending budget. Thanks to this rider, DC can’t set up a weed sales program, meaning there can be no legal dispensaries.

There are, of course, other rules that I71 imposes on users. For example, an adult over 21 can only grow 6 plants of cannabis, out of which only 3 can reach a flowering stage. In addition, you can only possess up to two ounces of weed in public and share one of those ounces with another adult. However, you still can’t smoke it in public or sell it. Moreover, the laws in favor of weed only relate to the area that DC actually owns. In other words, you can’t smoke any weed in National Parks, federally-subsidized houses, or government buildings.

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Are There Any Legal Loopholes?

Of course, there are. Some people figured out where to find weed in DC without technically breaking any law. For instance, a shop can sell weed-themed T-shirts, lunchboxes, digital and traditional art, etc. while providing some marijuana as a token free gift. It’s technically not buying pot as much as getting it while acquiring related products. And the best part is that you don’t need a medical card to get it. In fact, you don’t even have to be a DC resident.

Medicinal Marijuana

Since 2015, DC’s medicinal marijuana program has started accepting any patient, regardless of their condition. Less than 3 years later, they began to accept people with medical cards from across the USA.

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Growing Weed at Home

Thanks to I71’s limitations, you can’t grow more than 6 cannabis plants at once, and only 3 at a time can flower. The question, then, shifts from “where to find weed in DC” to “where to find weed seeds in DC.” Luckily, local hydroponic and head shops tend to sell marijuana seeds to prospective growers.

Ordering Weed in DC

For a second, let’s go back to ordering weed using the legal loophole from earlier. Thanks to modern technology, you can let your local “dealer” know when and how to deliver your product. Usually, it takes them roughly 1–2 hours to do so. Of course, knowing where to find weed in DC will require some online digging. A safe option would be to do a live meet-up with both the goods and the money “out in the open,” so to speak.

Be warned, however, for some of those sellers might be scammers. Usually, a good rule of thumb is “if they ask for upfront payment, be suspicious”. Anything that has a “donate here” button or a “pay with cryptocurrency” option should also be a massive red flag. Unless you can see the kush in person, don’t give the “dealer” any money.

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What About Pop-Up Events?

Buying weed at pop-up events in DC is not a very good idea. Thanks to the Social Use Ban under I71 and numerous raids that occurred over the years, you might want to try and avoid such events altogether. Of course, if you do decide to visit, there are websites out there that maintain an updated list of all pop-up happenings across the country.

CBD Sales in DC

Before we move on, we should let the uninitiated know this little factoid. Namely, cannabidiol, or CBD, is not the same as cannabis. We have to stress this since people still tend to get the two mixed up, largely because they sound similar (“cannabidiol”, “cannabis”) and because they are intimately related.

Let’s break it down; CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in both cannabis and hemp. We can extract it using various methods and create different products from it, such as oils, vapes, capsules, and even gummies. And while we can extract it from both of the plants we listed above, legally speaking it’s always a better idea to use hemp-related CBD stuff. After all, CBD derived from hemp will usually contain little to no THC. To clarify, THC is the chemical responsible for getting us high while we smoke that joint.

So, why mention CBD in an article about weed? Well, unlike marijuana, CBD is legal to use across the USA. Cannabidiol products can be great health supplements and, unlike weed, won’t get you high. Within Washington DC there are new CBD dispensaries popping up everywhere. In addition, you can even order CBD products online.

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