List of U.S. States Where Marijuana Is Legal

With 2020 well underway, we see that more and more states within the USA are legalizing marijuana and cannabis-related products. Due to its medicinal properties, marijuana has seen a bit of a “rehabilitation” in the eyes of local lawmakers. For that reason, the support for its use is growing. But if you’re a user and are planning a trip, you will need the names of the U.S. states where marijuana is legal.

Right now, 33 states can legally sell medicinal marijuana. But only eleven (as well as the capital) have legalized recreational pot. Naturally, the eleven states in question also allow the use of medicinal marijuana, so we’ll focus on them.

States Where Marijuana Is Legal for Recreational Consumption

1. Alaska

In order to use marijuana recreationally in Alaska, we need to be 21 or older. The state made recreational use of weed legal in 2015, whereas the first-ever pot-selling shop opened a year later. Legally, we can own and move up to a single ounce.

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2. California

California has been actively promoting weed culture since the early 90s. A typical 21-or-older user can grow as many as six plants in their home for recreational use and buy just one ounce of weed.

3. Colorado

Interestingly, Colorado has been one of the first U.S. states to legalize weed, alongside Washington, all the way back in 2012. The possession and growth laws are the same as in California. However, some counties within Colorado have laws that are a bit more restrictive than those on a state level.

4. Illinois

Illinois is the newest among the U.S. states where marijuana is legal for recreational use. The law came into effect on January 1, making Illinois the first-ever state to legalize pot sales through the state legislature. Most other weed-friendly states did so through ballot initiatives. Right now, there aren’t many dispensaries where we can get our weed, but that number is expected to rise during this year.

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5. Maine

Unlike most states, Maine allows users to own and carry up to a whopping 2.5 oz of weed, almost double the usual amount. In addition, as a user, we can grow only up to 12 cannabis plants in your home

6. Massachusetts

Within Massachusetts, we can grow as many as 12 weed plants in our household. However, we can only carry one ounce of weed at any given time.

7. Michigan

Michigan has followed Maine’s example and, after passing Proposition 1 in 2018, the state had legalized possession and sales of pot. Like in Maine, we can own as many as 12 plants in our household and have as much as 2.5 oz on our person.

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8. Nevada

Nevada’s pot sales have been extremely popular. At one point in 2017, most dispensaries ran out of pot because of the high demand.

Laws are a bit complicated if you’re a user living in Nevada. For instance, we can carry no more than a single ounce of weed or ⅛ of an ounce of pot edibles and concentrates. However, we can’t grow our plants unless we live at least 25 miles from the nearest brick-and-mortar dispensary.

9. Oregon

Since 2015, an average Oregon resident could grow only about four plants in their home and carry a single ounce of pot. Though that’s not as much as in other states, the weed business has nevertheless benefited Oregonian entrepreneurs.

10. Vermont

Vermont legalized recreational pot use through the state legislature. However, it still has rather restrictive laws when compared to other U.S. states where marijuana is legal. For instance, we can own up to a single ounce of weed at any point, but we’re only allowed to grow two plants in our home. 

11. Washington

A pioneer like Colorado, Washington legalized recreational pot smoking back in 2012. As a user, we can carry just one ounce of weed. However, if we want a license to grow a plant, we have to prove that we require pot for medical purposes.

12. Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia has legalized recreational pot use in 2014. According to the legislature, we can possess up to 2 ounces of weed and “gift” as much as an ounce to any adult over 21.

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